Indigo Circle Scarf | Hand Dyed Silk

Indigo Circle Scarf | Hand Dyed Silk


Silky soft and smooth infinity style-- great anytime of year as a finishing touch with your t-shirt and jeans or as a statement piece for that event (you know the one)...

Method: I used modern shibori methods and folded the fabric various ways and then dipped them into a natural indigo dye vat to create these unique patterns. 

Material: 100% habotai silk

Measurements: approx. 20 inches by 72 inches (circle) --wear as one long loop, or double looped

Note: there are 2 patterns to choose from:

Lightning Strike (pic 2 + 3) 
Melted Ink Blots (pic 4 + 5)

These are readymade and will ship within 2-3 days.

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